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Aexylium band was born in Varese (Italy) in 2014 by trying to combine the typical sound of traditional instruments (Bagpipes, Flute, Violin) with the modern one of Metal music (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards).

Being inspired by the main artists of the genre such as Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Folkstone, they chose Folk Metal as their sound.

The band consists of eight members.

Aexylium played for the first time at Dumeltica International Music Festival in 2015; the feedback was positive and they successfully managed to play in other important gigs such as Malpaga Folk & Metal, Rock Inn Somma, Druidia and Strigarium in the following years.

In July 2016 they released their first self-produced EP which is titled ‘The Blind Crow’ and contains 3 songs. In the same year, the track ‘The blind crow’ was included in ‘Mister Folk Compilation IV’.

On June 29th 2018 their first full length album, named ‘Tales from this land’, has been released for Underground Symphony Records; at the same time two lyric videos of the tracks “‘evive the Village’ and ‘Banshee’ were published. In September 2018 the song “Revive the Village” enters the top 200 metal song charts in Germany on iTunes.

In August 2018 they were chosen as finalists of the European Celtic Contest in Montelago, a prestigious festival with more than 20,000 participants in four days.

In December 2018 they released their first official videoclip of the song ‘Tales From Nowhere’.

So far, Aexylium have shared the stage with many others band: Elvenking, Wind Rose, Nervosa, Furor Gallico, Temperance, Atlas Pain, Celtica Pipes Rock, Kanseil, etc.


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Gli Aexylium si formano nel 2014 a Varese, tentando di fondere il suono tipico degli strumenti musicali tradizionali (Cornamusa, Flauto, Violino) con quello moderno della musica Metal (Chitarre, Batteria , Basso,  Tastiere).

Individuano nel Folk Metal il perfetto ambiente musicale per sviluppare brani inediti, ispirati dagli artisti principali del genere quali Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Folkstone ecc.

Al momento la band conta otto componenti.

Gli Aexylium suonano live per la prima volta live al Dumeltica International Music Festival nel 2015; la risposta della gente fu positiva e la band riuscì a partecipare ad altri importanti concerti nei successivi anni, quali Malpaga Folk & Metal, Rock Inn Somma, Druidia e Strigarium.

Rilasciano nel Luglio 2016 il loro primo EP auto-prodotto intitolato ‘The Blind Crow’, contenente 3 brani inediti. Nello stesso anno, proprio la traccia ‘The Blind Crow’ viene inclusa nella ‘Mister Folk Compilation IV’.

Il 29 Giugno 2018 esce il loro primo album full lenght intitolato ‘Tales from this land’, per Underground Symphony records; nello stesso periodo vengono rilasciati due lyric video delle tracce ‘Revive the Village’ e ‘Banshee’. Nel Settembre del 2018 la canzone ‘Revive the Village’ entra nella classifica delle top 200 metal tracks in Germania su iTunes.

Nell’Agosto del 2018 vengono selezionati come finalisti dell’European Celtic Contest di Montelago, prestigioso festival che conta più di 20.000 partecipanti in quattro giorni.

Nel mese di Dicembre 2018 rilasciano il loro primo videoclip ufficiale della canzone ‘Tales From Nowhere’.

Gli Aexylium hanno condiviso il palco con molte altre band: Elvenking, Wind Rose, Nervosa, Furor Gallico, Temperance, Atlas Pain, Celtica Pipes Rock, Kanseil, ecc.



[…] the experience of hearing “Tales from this Land” is a wonderful voyage through time and music at the same time […]TALES FROM THIS LAND’ review by Metal Temple (9/10) –

[…] ‘Tales From This Land’ is a debut album, and at times that shows through. That said, it’s a damn strong offering from a band who, if they can nail down their sound and approach the future with as much skill and confidence as this album shows, could become one of my favourites in the genre”[…] –  ‘TALES FROM THIS LAND’ review by Overdrive Mag –

[…] They just need to keep honing the direction, it’s on the right track for sure! I’m not even a big fan of folk metal, yet I just became a fan of Aexylium![…] –  ‘TALES FROM THIS LAND’ review by BucketList (9/10) –

[…] Il matrimonio tra Aexylium e Underground Symphony è partito con il piede giusto, il disco è bello da ascoltare e la veste grafica di prim’ordine. Tales From This Land non teme la concorrenza estera e mostra, insieme a una manciata di cd usciti negli ultimi mesi, quanto la scena folk metal italiana stia facendo bene e possa ancora crescere in numero e in qualità […] –  ‘TALES FROM THIS LAND’ review by  Mister Folk (8/10)


[…] The first song of their concert is unmistakable for those who have followed this TV series, I’m obviously talking about “Game of Thrones” and is welcomed by an ovation from the crowd, that is getting bigger under the stage […] They are eight on the stage and the energy they spread is perceived and celebrated several times by the horn sounds among the crowd […]Malpaga 2016 live report by Metalpit –

[…] Aexylium from Varese, a band that I personally had never listened live and that turned out to be a pleasant discovery […] The crowd is jumping, and even though their show is at the hottest time of the day, the audience for them is consistent, and it is undeniable that they appreciate the exhibition […]– Malpaga 2016 live report by Suoni Distorti Magazine


Tales from this land is our first studio album and contains 11 songs based on stories, some inspired by Celtic and Norse mythology, others born from our imagination and fantasy.

This is an important goal for us because, in addition to being our debut album, it encapsulates a big work developed with care and passion.

Acoustic instruments are of fundamental importance within the melodies since they express the folk side of our music which tied up with heavy metal.


The artwork was created by Pierre-Alain Durand of 3mmi Design (Necrodeath, Your chance to die, Desultory, etc.). The album has been recorded at Twilight Studio by Davide Tavecchia and mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Labyrinth, Secret Sphere, Elvenking etc.)

Tracklist :

1– Prelude to a journey

2 – Black Flag

3 – Into the jaws of Fenrir

4 – Aexylium

5 – My favourite nightmare

6 – Banshee

7 – Tales from nowhere

8 – Revive the village

9 – The blind crow

10 – Judas’ revenge

11 – Radagast




Steven Merani – Vocals

Fabio Buzzago – Lead Guitar / Backing vocals

Roberto Cuoghi – Guitar / Bagpipe / Backing vocals

Matteo Morisi – Drums

Gabriele Cacocciola – Bass

Stefano Colombo – Keyboards / Backing vocals

Leandro Pessina – Flute

Federico Bonoldi – Violin




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