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Aexylium was born in Varese (Italy) in 2014 by mixing the typical sound of traditional instruments (Flute, Violin, Bouzouki) with the modern taste of metal music

They’re inspired by artists like Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Folkstone

Aexylium played for many renowned festivals starting in 2015 with Dumeltica International Music Festival, followed by Montelago Celtic Festival, Malpaga Folk & Metal, Rock Inn Somma, Druidia and Strigarium. They were also chosen as finalists of the European Celtic Contest in Montelago, a prestigious festival with more than 20,000 participants. In these occasions Aexylium have shared the stage with many other bands like Elvenking, Wind Rose, Nervosa, Furor Gallico, Temperance, Celtica Pipes Rock, etc.

The debut album, named ‘Tales From This Land’ (2018), has been released for Underground Symphony records. It was recorded at Twilight Studio by Davide Tavecchia and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Elvenking, DGM, Secret Sphere)

 – In October 2020 Aexylium started recording their second album, named ‘The Fifth Season’ at Twilight Studio by Davide Tavecchia. The band wanted to give a more epic sound to this album adding both aggressive riffs & growls and including enchanting tunes with slower instrumental ballads and a choir of 10 professional musicians. The album is now recorded, with
11 tracks and a total lenght of ca. 52mins.


The Fifth Season is Aexylium’s second full-length album

 The artwork and the title track refer to an hypothetical future where humans depleted all the planet’s resources almost causing a total extinction

All the songs have their uniqueness and the lyrics are mainly inspired by Norse Mythology

With this album the band wants to make a concrete step towards growth and musical maturity, offering a more elaborate sound, tighter riffs and advanced orchestrations compared to its previous work

The album features two special guest appearances: Samuele Faulisi (frontman of Atlas Pain), and the talented female singer Arianna Bellinaso

In addition, the choir of the Facolty of Musicology of Cremona added its contribution during the recording session

The album is recorded by Davide Tavecchia at Twilight Studio,
and the artwork is created by Yan Yrlund of Darkgrove Design (Manowar, Testament, Korpiklaani, etc.)





1 – The Bridge (feat. Samuele Faulisi)

2 –  Mountains

3 – Immortal Blood

4 – Battle of Tettenhall

5 – Skål

6 – An Damhsa Mór

7 – Yggdrasil

8 – Vinland

9 – The Fifth Season

10 – Spirit of the North

11 – On the Cliff’s Edge




Steven Merani

Steven Merani Vocals

Fabio BuzzagoGuitar, Orchestral Parts, Choirs

Andrea PrencisvalleGuitar

Matteo MorisiDrums

Gabriele CacocciolaBass

Stefano ColomboKeyboards, Orchestral Parts, Choirs

Leandro Pessina –  Flutes, Bouzouki, Mandolin

Federico BonoldiViolin


  • ‘Tales From This Land’ achieved +120,000 streams on Spotify in two years
  • In 2018 Aexylium were chosen as finalists of the European Celtic Contest of Montelago, a festival with +20,000 participants
  • In September 2018 the song ‘Revive the Village’ enters the top 200 metal songs chart in Germany on iTunes
  •  The bassist Gabriele is endorser of the italian brand Liuteria Cocopelli
  • The guitarist Fabio is official artist for the brand Solar Guitars
  • In August 2020 Aexylium, despite Covid limits, were chosen by the city of Milan to play in the amazing set of the historical Castello Sforzesco


The experience of hearing ‘Tales from this Land’ is a wonderful voyage through time and music at the same time – Metal Temple (9/10)

They just need to keep honing the direction, it’s on the right track for sure! I’m not even a big fan of folk metal, but I just became a fan of Aexylium!BucketList (9/10)

A significantly well done, fun and excellent debut album if you love this genre of music” – Metalwave (80/100)

“‘Tales from this Land’ is not afraid of foreign competition and shows, together with a handful of CDs released in recent months, great talentMister Folk (8/10)


The first song of their concert is unmistakable for those who have followed this TV series, I’m obviously talking about ‘Game of Thrones’ and is welcomed by an ovation from the crowd, that is getting bigger under the stage … They are eight on the stage and the energy they spread is perceived and celebrated several times by the horn sounds among the crowd” – Malpaga 2016 live report by Metalpit

Aexylium from Varese, a band that I personally had never listened live and that turned out to be a pleasant discovery … The crowd is jumping, and even though their show is at the hottest time of the day, the audience for them is consistent, and it is undeniable that they appreciate the exhibition – Malpaga 2016 by Suoni Distorti Magazine





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